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This was originally called Brian’s dim sum.  The little tastes of my life.

I’d be asked whats up Brian by many people. What’s up this weekend, good film, where do you find those little places to eat?

In 2013 Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Food and Bizarre America on the Travel Channel, retweeted me.  Zimmern complemented me on my taste about my choice in a death row meal.

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Retweet from Travel Channel host Andrew Zimmern

I have been a certified bbq judge with the Florida BBQ Association for over 10 years.

A filmie who has traveled over 550 miles in one day for a screening of a film I had to see. Whether it is Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane or a B movie from American International Picture king Roger Corman, my taste in film is eclectic to say the least.

I have conquered the “spiciest” dish in New York city, with the certificate to proof it.  I shot a tasting video for a hot sauce website.  The owner said he had never seen anyone tolerate hot sauce and spicy like I can. 

I have eaten at many joints years before a certain fellow Brooklynite on TV did. Ranch dressing, we don’t need ranch dressing . I am a real man vs. food.  If it has bars on the window or wheels under the kitchen, I’m pulling over.

Musically, I listen to Louie Prima ,  Lou Reed toss in a bit of Clifton Chennier,  Sinatra,  Clash, Dion and the Belmonts to Los Straitjackets.  Concert reviews, observations, and cool cover songs will be here.

In addition, a regular guest post feature from a multi-Grammy winning producer performer, who has performed for 2 United States Presidents.

Common sense and a tendency to say what a lot of people don’t will also crop when I can’t it help it.

I moved from the greatest city in the world, New York to south Florida over 15 years ago.

This gave me the opportunity to co-found the Boca Scrub Club. We attended over 40 space shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral.   We’ve met over 30 astronaut, 5 moon-walkers including Buzz Aldrin and 4 of the Mercury 7.

I love history and New York. I am an avid reader and have read many books about both.

So here we are. Enjoy the ride.

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