Where is the Best Place in Miami to See A Movie?

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South Beach has nightclubs galore, but if you want to know the best place to see a movie in Miami, read on.

The New World Center in Miami has unique venue to show a film.  They project it the huge wall that makes up part of the building.   When I say huge I mean huge.  The screen area is probably the biggest  that I have ever seen a film projected into.  The screen at MOMA is big, but this makes it look a screen at at a small town multiplex. This is the best place in Miami to see a movie.

In Florida size matters.  Big cars, bigger boobs, bigger picture.  What else do they say is important:  LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

best place to see a film in Florida

New World Center Entrace Miami Florida The best place to see a movie in Miami

They say Florida can be a backwards state, but in this case it is  a good thing.   Joni Mitchell sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” and in backwards Florida, they did they opposite.  The site where you can plop yourself down to watch a great film, on a gigantic screen used to be a municipal parking lot. In a rare instance, progress benefited the culture.

Miami Beach New World Symphony Movie

Wall in the New Word Symphony Space for the film



Bring your blanket or lawn chair and food drink and you are good to go.  When I was there for the Billy Wilder classic Sunset Boulevard, I think was the only one not popping a cork of something.   BYO anything seemed to be the rule.  If you don’t have time to pack a picnic, there are plenty of eating options nearby from Cuban to pizza to 7- 11.

wpid-best place to see a filmjpg

The crowd awaiting darkness for Sunset Boulevard at the New World Center.

New York may have Bryant Park, and the Barge for films, but the New World Center is a 10 minute walk to the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, and only 3 minutes to all the hot spot bars and restaurants on Lincoln Road. That is a slam dunk in my book.

I grew up in New York and went to the Sunrise Drive In   I always loved going to a drive in and  still do.   In Florida I have the Trial Drive, now the Lake Worth Drive in, and the largest drive in in the world, the Swap Shop in Sunrise ironically enough.  So maybe I am a bit jaded calling this spot the best place to see a film in Miami.  It feels like a drive in but without some of the negatives.   If Miami had a drive in movie theater left, this would be it, minus the cars. No hide your kid in the truck, no car battery dying.  Best off all the best place to see a movie in Miami is FREE.

The New World Center is on Washington Street and 17th.  It is across the street from the Jackie Gleason theater.  Parking is always an issue in South Beach and to make it even better, there is a lot I block away.

Why do I think its the best place to see a film in Miami:  Sitting under the stars on a beautiful Florida night,  a gigantic “screen”, eating and drinking what I like, only minutes from the beach and all for free.

Sounds like the best place Id want to see a movie, how about you.

best place to see a film.jpg

William Holden in Sunset Boulevard on the New World Center Wall.







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