The Broken Shaker Ain’t Broken

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Broken Shaker in the Freehand Hotel in Miami is cool.  It is as simple as that.

You walk through the lobby of the Freehand, it looks like a movie set from a 1930′s movie.  Formally the Indian Creek Hotel, The Freehand is a great example of  Miami Art Deco.

A hodge podge of hipsters in their t shirts (not $150 Kanye t’s)  and shorts have taken up residence.  You go through a swinging doors and viola,  a surprising oasis.

The James Beard nominated Broken Shaker awaits. 

In what is and was the pool area for the Freehold, there are lounge and wpid-CYMERA_20131003_120814.jpgAdirondack chairs, tables, lots of foliage that give you great shade.  You can sit poolside, by the tiki-ish bar shack area, or at a casual table.  None of these are the reasons you go to the Broken Shaker. 

The main event at the Broken Shaker is the drink menu.

Off to left of the doors when you walk outside is the small bar area. The menu of unique handcrafted cocktails made with fresh elixirs, syrups, and infusions, changes weekly.

wpid-CYMERA_20131003_120925.jpgSome things are tough to just put into words.  Just like the egg roll at the Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the coolness of the Broken Shaker just is. You can feel it.

The bar itself looks like it came out of an apothecary store. The bar area is decorated with old retro radios. The dim lighting gives it a great feel. The big wooden shelves are stocked full with bottles of who knows what.  On the bar itself, a mini window garden box of the fresh herbs used in the great cocktails they serve.

From jerk spiced sazerac, to key lime caipirinha,  you never know what you will find at the Broken Shaker. 

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Broken Shaker Cocktail Menu Excerpt

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The Broken Shaker’s Papaya Shrub Caipirinha

The drink menu does change every week.  Every day, there is a special punch made at the poolside tiki bar. 

One excellent choice we tasted was cucumber, black tea, gin and egg whites.  The black tea cuke fizz was  cool, frothy, and refreshing.  As the bartender pulled off the fresh mint,  she gave it a spank to adorn the drink and we got it’s mild aroma. Nice touch.

One issue I have with a lot of places is the volume of the music.  I am far from an old man, but if  I am with someone I want to hear them. 

The music at The Broken Shaker was the perfect volume to hear the music, but allow you to have a nice conversation without going home with a sore throat. From the Rolling Stones, to Motown, to punk, the music at the Shaker was a good mix.

If you are in South Beach hop a cab up to 27th street, if you are in Miami, stop by.  If you anywhere in South Florida,  it is worth the trip. 

The great drinks, the cool atmosphere,  and the relaxed feel you might not get in South Beach.

Do not miss the Broken Shaker.


The Broken Shaker at The Freehand Hotel 2727 Indian Creek Drive Miami

I want to thank my friend Mike Stone for turning me onto this place.  I told Mike i was going to the Forge for dinner and he said, you have to go to the Broken  Shaker, they serve the best cocktails in Miami. 

It was a great call, thanks Mike






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