Classic Films at the Gateway Theater

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The Classic Film Festival at the Classic Gateway Theater has returned.

Maltese Falcon, On The Waterfront, Dr. Zhivago, these are just a few of the classic movies playing at the oldest theater in Fort Lauderdale, The Classic Gateway Theater.

This is the Gateway’s second annual Classic Film Festival. From August 30 until September 26, 16 films hand chosen by the theater owner will he shown.

Many of Hollywood’s best directors are represented here; from Woody Allen, John Huston and Frank Capra. Each film is shown 4 times at different times over each week.

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The Classic Gateway Theater opened in 1951. This means you can see many of these films in a theater where they were shown during their first run. While the Gateway is not a restored movie palace like my favorite place to drive 550 miles for a movie, the Tampa theatre, it Is a great place to see a movie.

The schedule includes, the still relevant Stanley Kubrick classic, Dr. Strangelove. David Lean’s  Bridge Over The  River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia will play on the big screen.

Even Mel Brooks  gets the nod this year with the inclusion of Young Frankenstein.

The Gateway’s Classic Festival spans decades, from 1941 with one of my top 10, the Maltese Falcon to Tootsie from 1982

Comedy, drama. adventure and even the musical.

Last Year’s musical another favorite of mine, West Side Story was shown.  This years choice is Band Wagon

My must see films for the  2013 Gateway Classic Festival

Maltese Falcon- John Huston’s screenplay is based on the Dasheill Hammett novel. Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, in his lavender scented hankie best. Sidney Greenstreet stars at the fat man in his large screen debut.  Mary Astor as the seductress??? This is one of my top 10. 

Manhattan- With my 3rd favorite opening of a film (number 1 Touch of Evil, 2  West Side Story) this is Woody Allen’s homage to the greatest city in the world. The foreshadowing into his own relationship with a younger woman is ironic.

On The Waterfront- Marlon Brando in his I coulda been somebody best. Elia Kazan’s multi Oscar winner is rated #117 in IMDB. Great drama

I’m glad the Gateway Theater is making this an annual event. I wish they’d make an admission pass like other festivals for all the films, maybe next year.

In addition to the festival, the Gateway shows first run features, and has regular midnight screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Here is a link to the complete schedule for 2013 film festival

Look for me third row aisle and say hello.

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