If It Wasn’t for Nom Wah Tea Parlor, How Would Jews Break the Fast? Birth of the Egg Roll.

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By 1920, D. W. Griffith had already moved away to make Birth of a Nation when he went Hollywood. In  New York City, Nom Wah Tea Parlor was producing the birth of the egg roll. 

If you are Jewish, and especially Jewish from New York City, when a holiday ended, you knew where you were eating: Chinese food. Every religion has its traditions, and this had become an unspoken one. If a Jewish holiday was ending, be prepared to wait for a table.

Growing up in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, King Ho on Ocean Avenue was the place to be.

What dish would you find on every table?

What appetizer is a perennial favorite?

The Egg Roll

nom wah

Egg Roll By Nom Wah Tea Parlor
Photo by Lucas Richarz

Although Nom Wah Tea Parlor has been around for almost a century, I didn’t find it until 2 years ago. My best friend and fellow blogger Chris Chu of Simply Good Eats brought me here. Ruth Reichl former New York Times food critic, and former editor of Gourmet Magazine, wrote in her entertaining autobiography, Tender to The Bone about eating there the 60′s.  I am definitely late to the party, but I am glad I made it.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor began as its name implies, as a tea parlor.  It has survived and flourished. You can enjoy very good dim sum, but how can you go where the perfect Americanized Chinese food item, the egg roll was created,and not try one, or two. 

Imagine if Nom Wah didn’t happen? What would every Jewish family eat to end break the fast, pizza?

This is not your mothers’ egg roll. 

The Nom Wah Tea Parlor egg roll is filled with what an egg roll is supposed to be filled with: tiny pieces of chicken, veggies and more. 

Just like a great Philly cheese steak from Direct From Philly, it’s about the unique vessel for all the goodness within.

What really makes this a must have on any trip to New York?

It is the unique shell.  I have to say it isn’t about the stuff inside but the coating here.

The egg roll at Nom Wah Tea is unlike any other egg roll I’ve ever had. Light, airy, fluffy, crisp, layered and not oily. They describe it as an egg crepe, fried in a homemade batter.

That could describe other egg rolls, but this one is the best.  It’s just hard to put into words. Take me word for it, just go there and order it.

dim sum, dum sim, tea parlor, nam wah, egg roll, chinatown.,nom wahBesides THE egg roll, Nom Wah makes a variety of traditional dim sum. The dim sum at Nom Wah is on par with the superb egg roll. 

The great thing about dim sum is it’s just like tapas.  It allows you to try  many different types of food texture, tastes, types, and even preparations.  Pork, beef, shrimp, tofu, taro, fried, steamed, you name it Nom Wah does it and does it so well. 

Dim sum is such a vast array of choices, it will have its own piece I will publish soon.

If you like history, culinary history that is, real good food and not having to break the bank, Nom Wah Tea Parlor hits all the bases.

dim sum, dum sim, tea parlor, nam wah, egg roll, chinatown.,nom wah

Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Chinatown New York City


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