National Taco Day Taco Of The Year B.C. Taco’s Gatherer Taco

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National Taco Day is October 4, and my taco for the year goes to B.C. Taco.

My chosen taco was consumed at the Hot Dog Eating Contest in Plantation Florida over the Summer.  Over 20 food trucks were there.  I did my walkabout to see all the food available and one frankfurter stood out over all the offerings.

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B. C. Taco, Truck Triple B

This is National Taco Day and on the side of the brightly colored truck was an offering for an avocado taco. I love real street tacos and had never encountered an avocado taco before.

While I was chatting with Brett Chiavari  the BC in B.C. Taco food truck,  I asked about avocado taco. The avocado was fried. 

Fried and avocado in the same sentence. How much better can it get?

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B.C. Taco’s Avocado Taco The Gatherer

I had never heard of such a thing and wondered why not. I have been eating at road side taco trucks in South Florida that cater to the local workers and had never seen this before. 

Mine is not to wonder why, mine is just to open wide.

B.C. Taco’s fried avocado taco called the Gatherer works perfectly. Creamy avocado barely coated in panko bread crumbs and then lightly fried.  It is topped with a chipolte mayonnaise and B.C’s special seasonings.  The chipolte mayo is not overpowering with spice or smokiness.  It just lends a hint of depth to the flavor of the avocado. Shredded mozzarella cheese and a layer of  lettuce adds crunch,and you have real street cred in a food truck

It really is a food marriage made in heaven.  The slight crunch from the panko that hides the soft creamy rich avocado inside gives you the perfect mouth feel of contrasts in textures.

Does it sound like I enjoyed this simple but delicious meal- damn right I did.

I asked Brett where the idea came from and he told me that he had tried one up in Jacksonville.  He took a good idea and tweeked it to make it his own.

Go out today and have a taco. 

If you  are in South Florida, you can follow B.C. Taco Trucks @BCTaco on Twitter for their daily location.

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