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Red Bull’s Flugtag, flying toilets, 2 story flying wedding cakes, 30 feet Homer Simpsons.

red bull flugtag

“flying blender” at Red Bull Flugtag Miami 2011


These are just a few of the many “flying” contraptions that I have seen at the 4 previous Flugtag events I have attended in Miami and Tampa.

Red Bull began Flugtag in 1992.  The idea is simple, simple but crazy. 

1- You build a non motorized “flying machine”

2-You will then run 30 feet off a pier/runway into a form of water

3- Whomever achieves the greatest distance wins. 

What do you win, we will get to that later.

This is serious business.  Serious crazy business.  A team must submit plans for their plans before they are accepted.  Teams can spend hundreds of hours and a lot of money, building these machines, that may remain airborne for 1 second, literally.

Red Bull’s Flugtag is a festival of the zany

red bull flugtag spae shuttle

Space Shuttle at Flugtag

To me the appeal is the same as with a good b movie (yeah good b movie) or something like a Swede film at  Swedefest Palm Beach.  You really either just get it or you don’t.

A day at Red Bull’s Flugtag begins with a tour.  Before these poor people end up in the drink, you can visit the crews and get up close and personal with the sometime complex machines that can spend upwards of 2 seconds in the air before they crash in the bay.

flug3Part of the competition is a 30 second routine that the crews must perform on the runway just before they fly 3 feet.  These are dance routines that are funny and are the perfect setup to watch all the time and effort and money they spend about to get wet.

I have a few favorite over the years, the 2 story multi tier wedding cake, of course the space shuttle, and a real toilet.  I still don’t understand how that one got approval.  A heavy toilet bowl might have landed on the flight member and caused a problem.  

red bull flugtag

Hang Gliderish machine At Flugtag

The ones that typically win are a combo of sort.   They usually have a hang glideresque type top with wings.  As the base will fall away off the runway, the top with the pilot will fly away.

Flugtag this year takes place in 5 cities all on the same day, unlike previous years.  The cities you can enjoy watching nutty people take a long run off a short pier are:

Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., Long Beach, and  Dallas Fort Worth.

So you win Red Bull’s Flugtag what do you win,flying lessons; well sort of. You get to jump from 15,000 feet with the Red Bull Free Air Force. 

Sign me up

In Tampa a few years ago over 100,000 crazy people like me watched the zaniness of Flugtag. 

Red Bull’s Flugtag- Check it out go early meet the crews and get out your camera.  It has some very camera worthy moments.




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