Swede Fest Palm Beach 2013 Recap

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Swede Fest Palm Beach 2013 is over and all that’s left is the memories of all those bad films, I mean Sweded films.

This years Swede Fest Palm Beach had some stellar entrants.  From The Exorcist, Twister,  Ghost and Goodfellas to this years winner, Back to the Future

The sold out event at the Borland Center in Palm Beach Gardens delivered as promised, bad films by good people.

The thing I love about a Swede is the inventiveness some people use to take a feature film and make it there own using a little twist.

My Top 5 Most Inventive Swedes at Swede Fest Palm Beach 2013

1- Special Effects – Twister used “great” special effects.  Twister gets my vote for best use of a newspaper.  The crew on Twister used twisted newspaper to recreate the tornado. Simple genius.

2- Casting – Back to the Future took the tug at at hearts approach. They utilized the family cast.  The children here as the stars were great and obviously the strategy worked as Back to the Future walked away with as this years best Swede and the coveted $60 gift card to Best Buy.

3 – Sarcasm and total mockery – A  nod to The Sweded Exorcist.  If i was making a Swede this was shot as i probably would shot one.   They mocked the screenplay, made fun of the script in dialogue.  My favorite moment, tossing a can of pea soup at the Priest.  Those who know the making of the original movie, Linda Blair throws up and pea soup was used in place of vomit.  Clever, funny and well done. Best Rookie Director of a Swede.

4 -Ghost – Best use of Lego in a Swede.  The makers of the Ghost Swede had life size Lego people as Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze characters.  They recreated the famous pottery scene.  This use of Lego people was original, clever, funny, and without a doubt the best use of Lego people in a Swede. 

swede fest palm beach

Whats up Brian at Swede Fest Palm Beach 2013

Can you ask for more?

Well yes you can and Swede Fest Palm Beach 2013 delivered big time!

My favorite short of the 21 shorts screened at Swede Fest Palm Beach was…… drum-roll

5 – C & C Sweded the famous Joe Pesci am I a clown to you scene from  Scorsese’s mob classic Goodfellas. 

They took the ball and ran with it- very quietly. 

Best Swede of a Marty Scorsese classic performed by mimes.  Yup I said it mimes.  Not since Mel Brooks used the most celebrated mine of all time, Marcel Marceau to speak the only word in his 1976 film Silent Movie have mimes be used so cleverly.

The schlock value. I mean shock value aside, the actors carry it out to the max. It is like the joke that just keeps gong. The expressions and gestures carry it along. Even though you know the result, and can read the dialogue it just rolls on with the laughs.

Well done. Here is the link for my favorite Swede of 2013

Goodfella’s Swede by C & C

My only issue with Swede Fest was the same last year, it is the pacing .  In a sense, Swede Fest was like a Swede of a Film Fest.  The called time was for 7pm.  For the second straight year, we only were let in just before 7pm.  With a sold out crowd, a 7pm start was not in the cards.

At 7:30,  MC’s onstage and in a few minutes of mindless patter later, a Swede finally hit the screen.  Part one ended.  4 Swedes or 12 minutes of screen time later and the MC’s announced a break of 20-25 minutes.

Act 2 began at 830.  90 minutes after the called start and yet we had only seen 12 minutes of video.   That isn’t right.  If the goal was to keep people in the shopping center longer, start later or show more than 21 shorts. Letting the audience listen to the same loop of music for that long with the same 3 slides onscreen….I don’t get it.

Swede Fest Palm Beach once again great original shorts and a fun night for all. 

Cant wait till next August for Swede Fest 2014

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