What Is The Best Movie in 3D of All-time? The Three Stooges?

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Can you believe the best 3d movie ever made is 60 years old, and was made by the Three Stooges.

3d movies have made a huge resurgence in the last 10 years.  You sit through coming attractions in a movie theater and 4 of the 7 trailers are for 3d movies.  Every major studio is either producing new 3d films, or going by way of James Cameron’s Titanic, and issuing  re-releases as 3d movies. 

The best 3d movie of all-time,  Disney or Pixar, nope Moe, Larry and Shemp; The Three Stooges. 
Spooks was produced in 1953 by Columbia Pictures.  It was the 148th short made one of the funniest slapstick troupes to make a movie.  Spooks was directed by the Three Stooges long-time director Jules White.   It has the distinction of being the only 3d slapstick comedy movie made.  Spooks is the Stooges only venture into the 3d genre.

The first time I saw this short was on TV with my kids.  From the opening scene, it was glaringly obvious that this was 3d, from the zooming title on.   The 3 Stooges use every over the top trick in the book: axes thrown at you, gorillas reaching out to grab you, huge syringes, and of course the the slappyist of the slap-stick, the pie in the face. Subtlety was never one of the Three Stooges strong suits.  I counted once how many 3d effects their were in this 23 minute short, and it was over 1 per minute.

If you like 3d, this film is a must see.  Spooks packs a heck of a punch (in the face) in a very short amount of time.

Here is the link to the 3d Three Stooges short Spooks

Stooges quantity over quality never.  More is less is not something Jules White and the 3 Stooges ever heard.  This is as quality as the Stooges get, with a 3d pie in the face as a bonus.

In the heyday of 3d before it virtually disappeared for decades, films like House of Wax with Vincent Price and It Came from Outer Space were the rage.  Today when you see a 3d movie like the Avengers or Titanic, they are made using computers and lack the real ahhhh of the older 3d movies.  3d movies were made using 2 strip technologies.  That meant the film was shown using 2 35mm projectors placed next to each other.   One with the blue tinted image, and one with the red.   When shown together, this gave the true 3d experience.

If you love film, gimmicks like 3D, slapstick, the Three Stooges, and have yet to see Spooks,  you need to.




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